Our Homage to BENU SEN

Affectionately called 'Benu Da' by well wishers, photographers and students across India, Benu Sen will be remembered as a LEGEND OF INDIAN PHOTOGRAPHY from Kolkata, INDIA. Art of Photography: A Guide Book for Creative Photography. As Co-Author others Books like Experimental Photography and Learn Photography were also published. His other remarkable contribution to photography are the BS4 formula, an extra ordinary fine grain developer for tropical countries. Tonorama and Macro pictography. He introduced colour photogram and colour separation from Black & White Negatives in India. His works in Museum Photography was extra ordinary for which recognition from Harvard University came to his honour. As an artist he had enormous number of Exhibits in different Salons throughout the world and won several awards from various countries during last fifty years of his artistic photography. He received the rarest Photographic Honours from World renowned Photographic Organisations. Among them some can be mentioned like MFIAP; FRPS, ESFIAP and number Honorary fellowships like Hon F.J.I.A.P. (Japan), F.N.P.A.S. (Sri Lanka), Hon. F.P.B.S. (Bangladesh), Hon. F.P.A.D (India),Hon. F.C.O.S (Romania), Hon. P.A.B, Hon. S.O.P etc. for his contribution to pictorial photography. He was the only living Hon. EFIAP in India.
He was conferred life time achievement award by Government of India in 2010 for his valuable contribution in the field of creative photography.