Sudarshan Mondal

By profession I am an employee of a government organisation . Since my school days I am very much passionate about photography. After getting a job to earn my bread and butter I have initiated to make my dream a success as a PHOTOGRAPHER. Thus for last eight years or little more I utilize my leisure time in going to outskirts and capturing the varieties of people and nature through my camera in a most perfectionist way. These activities for a substantial has helped to contribute my creations in "GETTY IMAGES" regularly and as a contributory photographer I have also became the finalist in HIPA CONTEST for four years. The esteemed LALIT KALA ACADEMY has also awarded me for my creation in recent past. Besides all these I am still being honoured with rewards/awards from several organisation who valus photography as a creative art and so many Images published in various magazine and periodicals.
Especially my subject of preference is PEOPLE and the immense variety of RITUAL observed across irrespective of cast and creed.
I sincerely and passionately desire to dedicate rest of my life in observing the surrounding through the lens of my camera and attain heartfull satisfaction.